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Coastal Sleep has been specializing in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) for over 10 years. Our Registered Respiratory Therapists and Sleep Experts know what it takes to make CPAP therapy work for you. We are pleased to offer a two month free CPAP trial (including mask) at no charge. Our staff will work with you to ensure your CPAP machine is set appropriately, your mask fits and your OSA is treated properly.

Patients recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea that require CPAP therapy should seek service by a qualified sleep clinician. To ensure proper therapy, CPAP machines require settings specific to each patient and patients require an appropriately fitting mask. Please do not consider purchasing a CPAP machine through the internet if you are new to CPAP.

Staff-PicturePaul Sweeney RRT , Carmen Loo, Onkar Rai RRT, Damian Lehwald RRT,
Simmie Rai RRT,Johnson Zhang RPN


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