We have been working diligently with Philips to ensure that we’re able to deliver a successful remediation program. We are hopeful that an official announcement is imminent with specific details on how the process will unfold.

We can tell you now that the program will take several months to complete, and your remediation appointment will be based on when you registered your impacted device with Philips. Due to supply chain and inventory constraints impacting the availability of CPAPs globally, Philips is not able to remediate all impacted patients at once. They will regularly send us devices corresponding to your individual remediation registry. Once we receive your device at a Coastal Sleep clinic, we will contact you directly to book an appointment to complete the process.

We understand that the level of frustration is rising because of Philips’ delays in the national launch of the remediation program. It is important to remember, however, that the recall and the associated remediation challenges are beyond our clinical team’s control. Our team of professional clinicians and administrators dedicate themselves each day to providing the best care to our patients. We kindly ask for your consideration of their efforts in your interactions with them. We have received rare reports of aggressive behaviour towards our team and, of course, we cannot tolerate this in our clinics.

Thank you for your continued patience and you will hear from us soon with an official announcement.