What to Expect During Your CPAP Trial



Coastal Sleep offers a 30 day trial / titration period, where we will work together to determine your proper treatment settings and equipment. As part of our COVID protocol and to ensure your health and safety, we have implemented a consumable fee. This ensures you will receive a new mask, hose and water chamber during your trial / titration period.


Coastal Sleep offers different CPAP packages to meet your financial needs. CPAP treatment is covered by most Extended Health Benefits (EHB) plans. During your initial phone consultation, we will ask for your EHB information and submit a quote on your behalf to help determine your coverage.


We require you to be available for weekly consultations during the trial period to ensure your treatment is optimized. These follow-ups allow your Clinician to tailor your therapy to your specific needs.


Weekly cleaning of your equipment is required and tips on how to do so are provided in the educational links above.


Lifetime support is included in the cost of your CPAP machine. We will contact you yearly to ensure your CPAP pressures and mask fit are optimized. Should you have issues with your therapy at any time, we are happy to assist you!