School is back in session and that means going back to our daily routines. That being said, transitioning from summer break to a new school year can be difficult, especially when it comes to sleep!

According to the National Sleep Foundation, having a healthy sleep routine is also a necessity that should be on our back-to-school list. Here are some tips to help students get back on track with their sleep: 

  1. Gradually adjust sleep and wake times 1-2 weeks before the start of school. This will help reset your biological clock to the new times and you can get used to it sooner. 
  2. Keep a regular sleep schedule even during weekends. This will help you regulate your biological clock and keep you in the routine. 
  3. Maintain a relaxing bedtime routine to help you wind down. Make sure that this routine is the same every night so you can associate it with sleep. 
  4. Create a sleep environment that is cool, quiet, and comfortable. 
  5. Take gadgets out of the bedroom. Using electronics before bed can lead to poor sleep. Put screens away at least an hour before going to sleep. 
  6. Eat well and exercise regularly. 

Irregular sleep can affect your ability to focus in class, hence affecting your ability to learn and retain information. Follow the tips above, and check good night’s sleep off your back-to-school list!