Tips on how to master camping with a CPAP

Summer is almost over and you want to make the most out of it by going camping! Your tent is packed, sleeping bags tucked, and bug spray applied. Aside from experiencing the great outdoors, you also want to enjoy a good night’s sleep under the stars with your CPAP machine.

To help you sleep well, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your outdoor adventures!

  1. Have the right CPAP machine
    • Having the right equipment is key for success. Using a travel CPAP machine is ideal if you are traveling and camping outdoors. A travel CPAP is compact, and light-weight, which makes for easy transport! A couple of examples of travel CPAP machines are Resmed’s AirMini and Philips Respironics’ DS Go. These are the latest travel CPAPs to hit the market and have received good reviews from CPAP users. 
    • If you don’t want to get a travel CPAP, not to worry! You can still use your regular CPAP machine. 
  2. Bring your mask
    • A CPAP machine is nothing without its counterpart, the CPAP mask. Choose a lightweight mask for easy transport and comfortability. Speak to your Respiratory Therapist to help you find the right mask for your camping needs!
  3. Bring your CPAP accessories
    • When camping, you may not be close to a CPAP clinic/store, so make sure to pack some extra CPAP accessories with you. It’s very important to carry extra CPAP filters during your camping trip as pollen and dust can accumulate faster inside your machine. Replacing your CPAP filters regularly during your trip will help keep your machine working great during the night. 
    • It is also helpful to carry portable cleaning supplies for your CPAP. Mask wipes are great for cleaning your mask quickly. Don’t forget to also give your CPAP machine a quick wipe while outdoors. 
  4. Bring a power source
    • Last, but certainly not least, make sure you bring a power source to turn your CPAP on! There are a few ways you can power up your machine. 
      • Electric outlet: If you’re not going completely into the woods, you  may be able to find a campsite that has power outlets or generators available for you to plug your machine into. 
      • Bring your own generator: If no outlets are in sight, and if you’ve got the room in your truck/RV, you can use your own generator to power up your CPAP. 
      • Battery packs: For a more portable option, you can also use a battery pack. CPAP battery packs like the Medistrom Pilot  are designed to provide your CPAP with enough power to use for 1-2 nights on a single charge. (TIP: make sure the battery is fully charged before you go)


  • The weather is unpredictable. Make sure to protect your CPAP from water damage!
  • If bringing your regular CPAP (with the humidifier), make sure to empty out the water in the chamber before transporting your machine. 
  • Pack your machine and accessories carefully to avoid any damage (eg. rips, tears or holes being poked into your mask or hose). 

Do you have your own CPAP camping tips? Let us know in the comments!

Happy camping! 🙂