Moms are our everyday superheroes. They juggle multiple things in the span of 24 hours; from preparing lunches, taking care of the new baby, sending the kids to soccer practice, doing groceries and then going to work! With so many things to do, you might ask, when do moms sleep?

Sleep Deprivation

According to a recent study, mothers lose about 40 minutes of sleep a night after a baby arrived. Further data also showed that mothers lost over one hour of sleep during the first three months after their first child was born. Losing one hour of sleep may not sound like a lot is lost, but an hour every night will add up and over time!

Sleep deprivation does not just happen during the first few months after a baby is born. When children get older and start going to school, moms face new situations as well. Their schedules become more complex. School work and extracurricular activities require more time and commitment, so moms need to adjust their daily routines, which also affect their sleeping pattern.

As such, sleep deprivation can have the following negative effects on mothers:

  • They are less aware of their surroundings:
    • Lack of sleep can affect your focus throughout the day. Some may refer to it as a “foggy brain”.
  • Their memory is also affected:
    • Lack of sleep can affect memory retention. Moms may notice that they are sometimes forgetting things and this may be due to a lack of sleep.
  • Mothers who are sleep deprived can experience daily problems such as fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Lack of sleep can also lead to a weaker immune system.
    • Your body is not able to properly recuperate when you are sleep deprived. Therefore, mothers become more susceptible to frequently catching colds and other sicknesses, especially when their children are sick.

Despite being sleep deprived, our mothers still strive to take care of us on a daily basis. Their unconditional love and never-ending support are all proof that moms are our real-life superheroes. This Mother’s Day, why not give mom the gift of sleep? After all, superheroes need a break too! 🙂