It’s the first day of Spring! Can you believe it? We’ve had a very interesting winter here in BC and we’re ready for warmer temperatures and what? Oh yes, sunshine!

With warmer temperatures and blooming flora and fauna, there will be an increase in pollen floating around. Yes, Spring is also the dreaded allergy season for many! During this time of year, we hear many patients saying that they have difficulty using their CPAP machines due to nasal congestion.

Here are some helpful tips straight from our lovely staff to help you survive allergy season:

  • Check and clean out/replace your filters (both CPAP and mask, if applicable)
    • Machines are equipped with filters to make sure that pollen and dust are filtered out of the air that is produced by your CPAP. Clean filters helps avoid respiratory infections caused by dirt in the air.

*filters available at our offices*

  • Wash your mask: Make sure to clean your mask on a regular basis to avoid dirt and buildup

    *Wipes available at our offices*

    • If you don’t have time to soak your mask, you can use wipes for a quick clean!
  • Wipe your machine: Dust can accumulate on your CPAP. Wipe your machine regularly to remove dust buildup
  • Adjust tube temperature & humidity (as needed): Patients suffering from allergies can adjust their tube temperature and humidity to get more moisture. Dryness can make allergies worse and make the CPAP uncomfortable to use.
  • Keep your nasal passage clear by using

*Make sure to consult with your doctor/respiratory therapist first to find the best option*

  • Keep your room clean/dust free
  • Clean your furnace filter (if applicable): Why not do your spring cleaning at the same time too!
  • Use a Full-Face Mask: Some patients who use a nasal mask can also opt to use a full-face mask if they’re experiencing nasal congestion and find it difficult to breathe through their nose.




Nasal Mask VS. Full Face Mask




*Consult with your Respiratory Therapist first to find the best fit! 

*note that some insurance companies allow 2 masks per year (If you’re unsure, contact our staff and we can help you!)

Allergy season can be a real hassle for CPAP users. But with regular equipment cleaning and care, you can reduce the hassle and increase the comfort with your CPAP machine. Have questions? Send us an email or call us at 1-877-241-9066.